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pareraukawa whakapapa Waea kãinga Waea kawe Î-mëra Click here to enter text. Fay enjoys spending time with her whānau particularly supporting their sporting endeavours. RNZ's Tom Kitchin shines light on healing role of tribal marae, reconnecting p-ravaged whānau to whakapapa & whenua: a proactive response to . Date: [Between 1900 and 1920] From: Otaki Women's Suffrage Coalition :Images of Otaki Women Ref: 1/2-177014-F Description: Portrait of Pareraukawa Carkeek, nee Atkinson, and wife of Ngati Toa and Ngati Raukawa kaumatua Rikihana (Bunny) Carkeek. 105 Otorohanga MB No. This essay offers a brief . 11. 94, 21 Nov 1911, p. Click here to view Unclaimed Dividends. P. He hononga anō kei Te Reo Māori, ngā Tikanga ā-Iwi me Ngā Toi. Whakapapa links people to all other living things, and to the earth and the sky, and it traces the universe back to its origins. 2004, „Ko Ngāti Pareraukawa te hapū‟ Te Pā Harakeke, vol. inspiration from the land, whakapapa and connectivity to create root-like . 9. May 16, 2020 · Zealand. 2006. Te Huarahi o te Ora: A Ng ti Pareraukawa Mentoring Programme Phase One Evaluation Prepared by Alex Barnes Here-Turi-K k August, . Moorfield (ed). 30. culture, as nature and people are entwined through whakapapa (genealogy), . A joint initiative by members of. Aug 02, 2021 · Example: Ngāti Pareraukawa is a hapū of Ngāti Raukawa located in the Horowhenua region along the Hōkio Stream. whakapapa register assistant. Purchase this book OUR WHAKAPAPA Ruapuha The eponymous ancestor Ruapuha was the son of Kahuitangaroa and the grandson of Kinohaku and Tuirirangi. 2013-08-29T22:11:40Z 2013-08-29T22:11:40Z 2013 2013-08-30 2013 2013-08-29T02:29:39Z Thesis or . There is a similarity in the whakapapa of Māori gods and that of other Polynesian gods. Pareraukawa Means. Most Māori had Ranginui (the sky father) and Papatūānuku (the earth mother) as their primal gods, although there were tribal variations. Tohu tãone (postcode)Click here to enter text. amongst our whānau whakapapa, hapū and iwi throughout Aotearoa. Ko Erena Pareraukawa rāua Ko Louis Dihars ōku. Pareraukawa and the Hōkio community. 2010: Nōku te whenua o ōku tūpuna: Ngāti Pareraukawa kaitiakitanga. 25. 7. Rangituataka. Pareraukawa Moore is my name. We received the Statement of Claim made to the Waitangi Tribunal (22 Feb. 10 The hapu with which the writer is primarily affiliated, for example, bears the name of a woman, Pareraukawa. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Parehuia’s connections and jobs at similar companies. 462 GAL. NGÄ KÖRERO Mãngai Tõna kãinga noho* Tãone* Click here to enter text. tree and the acquisition of knowledge are all whakapapa based recitals. Kaumātua Iwikatea Nicholson, in his evidence for Ngāti Pareraukawa at our Nga. What is your history in the smokefree sector? I feel like smokefree is something that has always been who I am. Alwyn Eugene Abraham Whetu Marama Abraham Linnett Valerie Abrams Rita Ngareta Adams Audrea Adlam Perata Ahukoiwi Ahungarangi Ahungarangi Te Po te Aka Celia Te Huia . Cited Source. This is our relationship to the Carkeek whanau. 2017. Ko Ngāti Pareraukawa te Hapū . Shareholders with no addresses. Ngāti Hikitanga retain land near the Waiwiri stream-mouth, and have land and buildings at Parikawau, south of the Ohau river. 2004b, „Te Whakapapa me te Mana‟ in J. Ko Ngāti Raukawa me Ngāti Tukorehe ngā Iwi. Knowing your whakapapa. 2. Iwi, hapu, marae, rohe, RMA, MFA, Treaty of Waitangi, regional and local councils, iwi contact, iwi contacts, iwi contact details, contact details. It’s the way I live and breathe rather than a sector. Māori and the environment is a collaborative effort between scholars, Rachael Selby (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Pareraukawa), Pataka Moore (Ngāti Raukawa, Ngāti Pareraukawa) and Malcolm Mulholland (Ngāti Kahungungu). ¯ ti Pareraukawa mentoring programme (phase one. Explore everything from cruisy groomers to exhilarating chutes, bumps & drops, made all the more exciting by the natural volcanic terrain. 12 Orange, C (ed) The People of Many Peaks: the Maori Biographies from the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography ,Vol 1, 1769-1869 (1990). 2021. We also received the History report that several of our hapū researchers have prepared. nz. Currently she’s working on publishing a book called Aunties’ It’s a collective how-to guide by women who have experience with political organising. Ngäti Raukawa, Ngäti Huia, Ngäti Pareraukawa. Includes whakapapa tables. Jun 14, 2019 · Whakapapa is the Māori term for genealogy. Ko Tararua ngā, pae maunga. His . at Raumatangi alongside my Pareraukawa whānau. In research, whakapapa has been presented in tribal histories, Māori Land Court records, and consistently as a framework for mātauranga Māori (Māori knowledge) and Māori research methodologies. Lake Horowhenua & Hōkio Stream Working Party. “Tōku Pepeha” includes a framework that author, Pareraukawa Moore, is the daughter of Pātaka and Monique Moore, the authors of “Pepeha”, and in this article, she describes her students can use to create their own pepeha. Houston, J. 9 Within our interviews, we asked Ngāti Pareraukawa elders about the status of the Hōkio Stream, the importance of the Lake and reasons for leaving the marae in the 1950s. govt. P is for popular, that you are! A is for adventure, take a new one today. 4138. This whakapapa shows the decent line for Henare Wirihana Te-Rei. The whakapapa to the hapü back to your great grandparents is required. co. If you do not whakapapa to Ngāti. nz . In May 2019 we had an evening at the marae where we were able to hear exactly what the back ground to our claim is about. Monique Moore and Pātaka Moore are my parents. 2019). Oct 25, 2018 · Ko Ngati Parewahawaha, ko Ngati Pareraukawa nga hapū. research on whakapapa and waiata as well as historical research. To help with this they have adopted a technique know as self leadership training (also known as neuro-semantics) that has changed the way they work. Some say the original and correct name of the lake and stream is Waiwiri, and it should be known as such. v outlined whakapapa which lends itself to the hosting of Nga Kōrero Tuku Iho at Kauwhata Marae, and extends an invitation to the neighbouring hapū of Himatangi, Ngāti Te Au, Ngāti Turanga and Ngāti Rakau-Paewai, and also Ngāti Hikitanga/Hikitanga Te Paea and Ngāti Hinemata. Whakaue was a recognised and well respected leader amongst his people. Te Pātaka o Muaūpoko rāua ko Ngāti Pareraukawa. Whakapapa – Ngāti Whakaue. Her whakapapa connection to Ngāti . She is a representative for Ngāti Pareraukawa on the Raukawa District Māori Council, a community representative for the Central Zone Netball Board and a member of New Zealand Breastfeeding Alliance and the Health Promotion Forum Boards. Underpinning everything is a commitment to knowing their whakapapa. E is for enthusiasm, in even the most dire circumstances. 16, p. The whare tupuna, Ngātokowaru, was completed early in 1978 and opened by Ngāti Toarangatira in March 1978. Mulholland (eds. Kua āta tuhia hei tautoko i ngā mahi whakaako, ako i te Taumata 2–3 o Te Marautanga o Aotearoa. Raukawa [Ngāti Pareraukawa, Ngāti Huia], Ngāti. Parehuia has 1 job listed on their profile. I hereby declare that the information in the registration details and whakapapa I have provided on this form (both pages) are true and correct . 4. Ahorangi Ngarongo Iwikatea Nicholson Ngāti Pareraukawa Ngāti Toa . The child had an absolute right to know his or her whakapapa. Selby (Ngāti Raukawa [Ngāti Pareraukawa,. Te-kawa III. Sean Lagan and Helen Morris are my grandparents. opportunities and limits. Click here to enter text. strong whakapapa links with Awanuiarāngi,. Ngāti Pareraukawa kaitiakitanga. Ko Tararua te maunga, ko Manawatū te awa, ko Tainui te waka, ko Ngāti Raukawa te iwi, ko Ngāti Tūranga te hapū, ko Paranui te marae, ko Hinewaha te wharekai. 2014. Rawiri Moore and Rachael Selby are my grandparents. It is the joining of female and male . Raukawa ki te Tonga but consider you are eligible to register (for example as a Whāngai) please supply supporting information . His mother was Pareraukawa, elder sister of Hape or Hape-ki-tūārangi of Ngāti Raukawa and Ngāti Huia. Puketotara (Tūranga, Rakau and Te Au) and Parewahawaha, Pareraukawa, Huia, Ngarongo, and Takihiku in the upper Manawatū region referred to as Te Ahu a Tūranga. 5. or whakawātea, amongst whānau whakapapa in Aotearoa. relationships and the history of our whakapapa (genealogy) . Gallen, R. The dining room, Pareunuora, has undergone several rebuilding stages since 1981. the writer is primarily affiliated, for example, bears the name of a woman, Pareraukawa. >. In R. 550 hectares of incredible terrain awaits you! Whakapapa is NZ's largest ski area & boasts the country's premier beginner facility Happy Valley along with vast intermediate and advanced trails. Winiata, H. The families who carry the name Te Kanawa today have a direct male blood line whakapapa to the tupuna Te Kanawa, also known as Te Kanawa Pango. Orange, C (ed) The People of Many Peaks: the Mori Biographies from the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography ,Vol 1, 1769-1869 (1990). R is for rapport, friends seek you. 016 HOU. Maniaopetini, Pareraumoa. E aro nui ana te kōwae ako nei ki ētahi kaupapa nui . Apr 25, 2018 · Kassie is an activist. The landscape provided all the Whakapapa. 2012. 2 2 5 Ngā hononga whakapapa – connections with other iwi . In order to remember each tupuna, stories recounting their major accomplishments are related by their uri. Taitengahui, Kaputuhi. Te Whatanui, sometimes known as Te Whata, Toheāpare, or Toheata, was the son of Tihao of Ngāti Huia and Ngāti Parewahawaha, two hapū of Ngāti Raukawa. Taumata 2 - 3. 3. 32. Whakapapa is genealogy, a line of descent from ancestors down to the present day. v They trace their whakapapa to the tupuna (ancestor) Te Kanawa, who was the great-great-great grandson of the tupuna Maniapoto and comes off Uruhina (daughter of Rungaterangi and Pareraukawa). Aug 13, 2021 · Genealogy for Erena Pareraukawa Dihars (Hokima) (c. 61. In Maori society, waiata contain much about and embody our history. Whakapapa are told orally in different ways. doc text version. f. She married Edward Joseph Anderton on 28 February 1882, in Thames, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand. Ko Ōtaki me Hokio ngā awa. They trace their whakapapa to the tupuna (ancestor) Te Kanawa, who was the great-great-great grandson of the tupuna Maniapoto and comes off Uruhina (daughter of Rungaterangi and Pareraukawa). Te Marae me Tōna Reo. 타이 누이 연맹의 일환으로 화카 파파 (계보)를 와카 (카누)에 뉴질랜드에 도착한 사람들로 거슬러 올라갑니다. Ten kaimahi . Ka tautoko tēnei tuhinga i ngā whakaaro nō nā tata nei e kī ana e hangarite ana te tirohanga ki te iratāne me te irawāhine i ngā wā o mua, ahakoa ngā whakapapa rerekē o te tāne i ērā o te wahine, engari, ko te mahi tahi te mea nui. In the area in relationship to this project there are: x Whakapapa x Historical Connections to land blocks x Land loss x Historical Treaties x Waahi Tapu Jul 26, 2015 · NZ Gazette No. 2015. This essay is written from the perspective of Ngati Pareraukawa hapu clans or descent groups , but the neighbouring Muaupoko Iwi — the largest iwi in . Te Puni Kōkiri subtribes of Ngāti Raukawa, which resided in south Waikato. My pepeha also links me to the land and to the environment. 11 Supra note 7, at 8-9. The people in this hapū are uri of one tupuna, Pareraukawa, who binds them all together. Read No addresses Cover. As an example of a hapū description, Ngāti Pareraukawa are a ‘huihuinga tāngata’ who are related to each other. On 1 January 1850 Louis Dihars was granted by proclamation, naturalisation as a . 2020. Click on each tupuna to read of their accomplishments. Sep 01, 2021 · It is nestled on the south bank of the Hōkio Stream, about a kilometre west of Lake Horowhenua towards Te Moana-o-Raukawa. 12 Whakapapa orders both a seen and unseen world, and shapes the Māori world view. 8 9 J o u r n a l J u n i . sign your letter of support. His mana whakapapa would be, " Post-boy, policeman—fighting against his own tribe "?— He gained all his power and influence through . the tupuna Maniapoto and comes off Uruhina (daughter of Rungaterangi and Pareraukawa). Te Kahui Mangai(TKM) is a directory of iwi (tribes) and Maori organisations for purposes of consultation and research. Ngātokowaru is my marae. In 2006, 29, 418 Māori registered their affiliation with Ngāti Raukawa. 6. 1977. When Ihapera Irihapeti Dihars was born about 1860, in Matamata, Auckland, North Island, New Zealand, her father, Louis Dihar, was 40 and her mother, Erena Pareraukawa Hokima, was 35. They were the parents of at least 9 sons and 4 daughters. He was also the father of many tupuna who themselves have iwi named after them such as Ngāti Rangiwewehi . Pareraukawa Carkeek 1900-1964 Date: [Between 1900 and 1920] From: Otaki Women's Suffrage Coalition :Images of Otaki Women Ref: 1/2-177014-F Description: Portrait of Pareraukawa Carkeek, nee Atkinson, and wife of Ngati Toa and Ngati Raukawa kaumatua Rikihana (Bunny) Carkeek. Ngatokowaru Marae – Levin: Ngäti Pareraukawa . Ngāti Whakaue is named for our ancestor, Whakaue Kaipapa. We are connected to Papatūānuku (our Earth mother) and her lands, her mountains, her waterways, and her children (all the animals, birds, and plants). Je součástí konfederace Tainui , jejíž členové sledují jejich whakapapa (genealogii) zpět k lidem, kteří přijeli na Nový Zéland na waka (kánoe) Tainui . Hape died at Maungatautari, the heartland of Ngāti . However, it is more than just a genealogic. with whakapapa connections to Ngaati Pareraukawa (Figure 7). 50, Maniauruahu, Oneone. Ka nui te mihi. 3458; NZ Gazette No. Thanks! We will review your submission shortly! Alt. Loading cover Drag cover to reposition. The following is a whakapapa chart showing the ‘heke’ from Hoturoa (captain on the waka Tainui) down to Pareraukawa, the founding tupuna of Ngāti Pareraukawa. The hapu with which the writer is primarily affiliated, for example, bears the name of a woman, Pareraukawa. 28. . Wally Penetito with whakapapa connections to Ngāti Tukorehe then assumed the role of lead historian for the project. It is part of the Tainui big tide confederation, the members of which trace their whakapapa . Ngāti Pareraukawa and Ngāti Pare are my hapū. It has been described by some as the skeletal structure of Māori epistemology because all things have their own genealogies. Ruapuha and his brother’s Koromiko and Matamaru derived the mana of the land at Mangapu through their uncle, Tumarouru who had relocated to Mokau. G. Physical Education Lecturer, Physical Education Major Team . The following is a whakapapa chart showing the 'heke' from Hoturoa (captain on the waka Tainui) down to Pareraukawa, the founding tupuna of Ngāti . ngati raukawa whakapapa. Aug 31, 2021 · Our Treaty Claim Wai 113 (Pareraukawa) May 24th 2019. He maramara noa iho tēnei tuhipānui mō tētahi iwi. Morikaunui Incorporation ­ Shareholders with no addresses. 2016. Pareraukawa Carkeek 1900-1964. Nga ti Pareraukawa ? In 1845 he married Erena Pareraukawa, at Tauranga. Polynesian traditions also have an origin linking earth and sky. 2The marae of Ngāti Pareraukawa is Ngatokowaru, Hokio Beach Rd, and is also close by, to the north. People Projects Discussions Surnames Genealogy profile for Pareraukawa Pareraukawa (deceased) - Genealogy Genealogy for Pareraukawa (deceased) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. The mid and late 20th century disposal of sewage into Lake Horowhenua had long term impacts. Māori life in old Taranaki. Supra note 7, at 8-9. | Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga, Te Rūnanga o Raukawa Incorporated, Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga Trust, | Iwi | Ngāti Raukawa ki te . This whakapapa is wrong - Maniapoto married his first wife =Hinemania and had Te Kawairirangi who married Marei and had Rungaterangi - He married . The team has been supported at various times by Hiria Green (Ngāti Pareraukawa) and Lynne Raumati (Ngāti Huia/Te Ātiawa). Meaning. I think we all have rights whether we smoke or not and mine is about having smokefree air around me. 12, Nov 21 1914, p. ) . Similarly, Ma ¯ ori working in a geographic location that they do not whakapapa to also raises different. Ruapuha’s first wife, Paretonga died giving birth to their child 2gā hononga whakapapa – connections with other iwi 2 5 N 48 2uaūpoko and the natural environment 3 M 50 2uaūpoko’s claimed sphere of influence 3 1 M 50 my whakapapa, my connection to my people. Te Au) and Hinepuororangi Tahuparae (Ngāti Pareraukawa); and carver Chris . His main geological research interests relate to the provenance (whakapapa, origins) of the older (Paleozoic and Mesozoic) sedimentary and metamorphic rocks . 17. the patience and expertise of Rachael Selby, Ngāti Pareraukawa, and Professor. Te-kawa IV. 1965. story that touches on place, belonging, whakapapa, and the power of storytelling. He was a direct descendant of Tamatekapua through his father Uenukukōpako. 106 The whakapapa is as follows: Tamakowhao’s married Te Hinganga and had Te . Ngāti Maniapoto 는 뉴질랜드 북섬 iwi (부족)입니다. Atua – the gods and links to Polynesia. Includes information on Ngati Ruanui whakapapa. Roira spence E: [email protected] Ngāti Raukawa recognise Raukawa as their eponymous ancestor, who was descended Ngātokowaru Marae and meeting house are a meeting place for the Ngāti Raukawa hapū of Ngāti Pareraukawa Te Kāhui Māngai directory tkm. 12. Rungaterangi, Pareraukawa. It was clear that the catchments from the mountain to the sea were a significant taonga for the people resident here throughout the 19th century. 29. Kei Himatangi te marae o Paranui e noho ana, koirā te kāinga o Ngāti Tūranga i ēnei rā. 993. Waikato University (Tainui) and through the . 13 Ibid, 13-14 (Hinematioro), 328-329 (Rangi Topeora), and 353-354 . 1827 - 1900) family tree on Geni, with over 225 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. Further information . Check out the schedule for aes18 International Evaluation Conference Ngāti Maniapoto je iwi (kmen) se sídlem v oblasti Waikato-Waitomo na novozélandském severním ostrově . WHAKAPAPA O TE RIUTOTO AIHE MANIAPOTO = HINEMANIA TE KAWAIRIRANGI I = MAREI (2nd wife)RUNGATERANGI = PARERAUKAWA URUHINA = TAONGAHUIA TE KAWAIRIRANGI II = URUNUMIA TE KANAWA = WHAEAPARE (3nd wife) TE RIRIORANGAWHENUA I = PAREKAUAE TE IKAHOUNGATA = KAUKITERANGI ROWHAI = TE RIRIORANGAWHENUA II AIHE I = URUNUMIA (alias Ngoki) Dec 06, 2006 · Their daughters were, Pareraukawa and Pipi. The families who carry the name Te Kanawa today have a direct blood line whakapapa to the tupuna Te Kanawa of Ngāti Te Kanawa and whakapapa back to Te Kanawa Pango. Whakapapa Māori pronunciation, or genealogy, is a fundamental principle that permeates the whole of Māori culture. Pareraukawa married Rikihana Carkeek, they went on to have a really large family. te kanawa whakapapa Having a life-long interest himself in music, . Tukehu. View Parehuia Wharepapa’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Toa whakapapa and consent (by Mäori), the. Promote the membership of individuals, with ongoing hapū . I was a contributor to the book prepared by Charles Royal entitled “Kati Au I Konei’, which is a book on Ngati Toa and Ngati Raukawa waiata moteatea. Moore, & M. Her father was Hokima. . The author, Pareraukawa Moore, describes her own pepeha and what each . Without the patience and expertise of Rachael Selby, Ngāti Pareraukawa, and Professor Robyn Munford, the stories of the kaimahi whānau would not have been presented in the way they have. Selby, P. Declaration. She left university . WHAKAPAPA – to promote relationships and benefits through building the iwi register. 10. so my thanks to them also. Ko te waiata tangi nei a Kararaina Anaru te pūtake o ngā mahi kei tēnei kōwae ako. 53 knowledge and experiences. T¯ko u Pepeha MY PEPEHA Pareraukawa Moore talks about her pepeha. hapuu and iwi members who whakapapa to me was ever present. A souvenir booklet of Waikaremoana, Wairau- moana, Waikare-iti: a concise history of the lakes, the people and the land. I must help to look after them because they are my whānau, and they look after me, too. pinning tikanga is the conceptual tool of whakapapa. Charlie Petera, who gave whakapapa and historical . The hapū teams were populated by 108 investigators, interviewers and writers. pareraukawa whakapapa